Survival Links

CBS official Survival page - Lots of stuff, including a form to sign up for Survivor 2

Survivor Sucks - Survivor humor at its finest

BreakTV - Show summary, comments, pics

Mighty Big TV - Show reviews, commentary

Survivor at eGroups - A newsgroup that opened up to discuss the show

Jeff Probst - A chat with the Survivor host


Carmike Survivor - A cool parody site done in text format about the employees of Carmike Cinemas.  Nicely done and humorous.

What would happen if "Survivor" had different endings than what we're seeing?  What would happen if the characters were portrayed in a cheap comic strip as stick figures?  Well, you're gonna find out!  Stick-Figure Survivor should update M-W-F, and will be a limited edition comic.  There will be only one survivor..........

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