12.4.2000 - Time to start a Christmas story.  No, not the classic movie, but my own holiday storyline.  If all goes well, this one should actually wrap up right around the actual holiday.  (In case you're wondering - I'm referring to my Halloween story that ended up going all the way until the day before Thanksgiving)

12.1.2000 - It's the holiday season, and I did some decorating.  Hope you like.

Also, I forgot to mention I did a guest strip this week for John Meyers over at The Mr. Chuck ShowHere it is if you want to see it.  It pokes fun at a "less-than-favorite" comic strip of mine.

11.02.2000 - Well, it's November, and I'm featured at Tribune's, Comics Edge site.  They showcase comics they believe are close, but not quite ready for prime-time.  One thing they look for is positive comments from readers, so if you can, please visit and post on the forum.  If you're a fellow cartoonist, it's a great place to name-drop the url of your comic.  Believe me, the editors do read the comments.  I really appreciate it.

10.17.2000 - Much thanks to everyone who gave me opinions on their favorite Frankenstudent comics.  Thanks to your help, I've come up with about 30 comics that I'll be showing on Tribune Media's Comics Edge site in November.  This is pretty exciting stuff for me, it's a chance to showcase my comics in front of a syndicate and editors, as well as new readers.  They will post a forum for me, so if you enjoy my comic and have something you think the syndicate should hear, please post your comment.  They really do read what you guys think.  Thanks in advance.  More to come on this as it gets nearer.

10.5.2000 - OK, I'm looking for a little help here.  I'm in need of picking out some of my best Frankenstudent comics.  I don't want to announce for a few days what this is for, but I need to make a decision in the next week or so.  I would really appreciate any of my regular readers to post the dates of their favorites comics in the new topic I started in my unused forum.  I will pick out my own favorites, but I would like to compare that to what some others think.  Thanks a bunch. 

9.18.2000 - OK, we're back in business!  The big news for today is that Frankenstudent is going to a M-F schedule (at least for a little while).  I want to see if making my comic 5 days a week will pay off in increased readership.  If it does, I'll keep at it, if not, I may decide it's not worth the extra time that it will require.  In addition, I'm moving my weekly "The Panels" updates to the weekend in hopes that I can draw in a few more people on Saturday and Sunday.

9.14.2000 - Today I added to my collection of older comics.  I added another 7 of my "Undecided" strip (#11-17) that won me second-place in the Universal Press Strip Search contest from a couple of years ago.  I'm really not sure how, because I don't think they're all that great - which lead me to ditch the concept and go back to my original idea of Frankenstudent.  Oh well, you be the judge.

9.13.2000 - No Frankenstudent, but I did upload a new "The Panels" for today.  I also plan on putting another one up later this week, maybe I'll even put up a couple of more old comics.  Check back tomorrow.  Don't forget, new Frankenstudents starting Monday :)

9.11.2000 -  No new Frankenstudent comics this week :(  I had some things come up that will prevent me from putting any comics out for this week.  Maybe I'll put up a couple of new "The Panels", so stay tuned.  I'll be back next week with some news.  Hope to see you then

8.07.2000 - Due to my lack of good time management skills, I need to put my Stick-Figure Survivor on hold for a little while.  Having the new baby, plus some extra hours at work means I'm having a hard time keeping up with things right now.  I do plan on finishing it, and hopefully I can get things back on track in a couple of weeks.  Something had to go, and I didn't want to go back to 3 days a week of Frankenstudent.  I announce when I can get it going again.

6.2.2000 - Today starts comics that are no longer part of the Monstermaker storyline!  I don't normally post on a Friday, but felt like doing so for this week.   As usual, I have a new "The Panels", and don't forget my special comics!  I've been busy

5.29.2000 - A new comic hits the spotlight!  Lemont Brown - Darrin Bell's humorous and insightful comic that currently is involved in a major development deal, and will most likely hit your funny papers in 2001.  The strip will undoubtedly draw comparisons to Boondocks, but in my opinion Lemont tackles the issues in a more lighthearted, and often more humorous approach.  Darrin is a pioneer of the web comics industry, and it's nice to see something good can happen to web strips that have character and talent.

Algernon's Dillema now moves to its permanent spot in the past award winners

5.16.2000 - Hey, check out the new Quick Keen pages at Keenspot.  It's a fast-loading way to browse through all the Keenspot comics.  It's not customizable yet, but stay tuned.

5.8.2000 - Algernon's Dilemma is now in the spotlight!   Jim Alexander's strip is a satirical, daily parody of comic strip serials.  Follow the storylines as they unfold at the Amalgamated Services syndicate.  You'll find that not only is Jim a very good artist, he's also a great storyteller.  Read through an entire storyline and you'll see what I mean.

5.7.2000 - check out the cool new Fan Art sent to me from Jaimie Robertson of Clan of the Cats fame.  It's some really good stuff.  Click for the full size version.

5.1.2000 - WooHoo!!  Finally I have my old comics page up and running.  I have some sample strips and a little background on one of my earlier strip attempts called "Undecided".  It's a college strip that places me second in the Universal Press Strip Search contest from a couple of years ago.  It was done around 1997 if memory serves me correctly (which it does about 10% of the time).  I'll add more strips there as time goes by, lord knows I've had enough bad strips to fill many pages.  Oh yeah, don't forget the Forum!!

Because it seems that my page is not loading up as quickly as I would like it, I've decided to move The Panels to a separate page.  Typically this is the largest size file on this page, and it should help bunches in the speed.  Please don't stop reading, just make sure you click to the new no-frills The Panels page.

The Guestbook is here!  The Guestbook is here!  Hurry, sign in before it's too late!

4.21.2000 - A new feature added to the site - the storyline and special comic dropdown menu.  Now that I'm beginning to have enough material to merit separating the comics into storylines, I figure I may as well take advantage of another Keenspot feature.  I will try to keep it updated as new stories and unique comics come into play.

4.17.2000 - Today begins the longest Frankenstudent storyline to date.  I won't say exactly how long it will go on (or drag on depending on how well it goes over), but it will last longer than what I've been typically drawing to date.  If you're a regular reader, and if you follow the storyline as it goes along, please drop me an email, or better yet, let yourself be heard in the Frankenstudent Forum on how you think the story is progressing, whether it be too long, too stupid, or just don't care.

4.12.2000 - A new comic "In the Spotlight".  Fletcher's Cave is the college strip that currently appears in U. of Maryland's, The Diamondback.  This strip was runner-up for the prestigious Charles M. Schulz Award, an award that honors outstanding college cartoonists.  The strip is extremely funny and very professionally done.  I highly recommend giving it a look.

Jeff Paige's, A Sibling Thing, will now move to the past winner's section on my awards page.

4.3.2000 - Since everyone may not have had the chance to see the Great Internet Comic Switch on Saturday, I will keep Ron Hill's  version of Frankenstudent up for another day.   This is NOT an excuse to draw one less comic this week.....well, I suppose it could be :)  Check out the main April Fool's page here

4.1.2000 - It's April Fool's Day - A very big day in the life of a cartoonist.  A day we get to do something a little fun and draw someone else's comic for a day.  We get to use our own style and our own ideas.  This year, I got to switch with Ron Hill, a professional cartoonist who does a great weekly comic named Pure Baloney.  If you've never seen it, be sure to check it out, the artwork and color is amazing.  You can tell he's been doing this "drawing" thing for a while.  

3.20.2000 - A great new feature for the site - email subscriptions.  Now you can have an HTML format Frankenstudent delivered to you everyday that there's a new comic.  Try it out, you can always unsubscribe if you don't like it.

3.11.2000 - HERE IT IS!!  The debut of my new site!  There are still a few pages that aren't working, but there are also some new features added to the site.   There's a great new Keenspot Message Board for Frankenstudent.  I realize I don't cause a lot of controversy in my comic to spawn heated discussions, but feel free to add comments, ideas, suggestions, etc.  I promise to keep checking it to respond.  You can also make comments on the site, The Panels, sports (I'm a big Michigan State Spartan fan) or anything else.  I'm also starting up my own award to give out.  Check it out at the bottom of the page.  In addition, new things here include a Fan Art page (of which there is none so far), an Old comics page, which I promise to have up soon :)  and a new an expanded links page.  Stick around, it should be fun.

2.14.2000 - Losing Charles Schulz is almost like losing a relative.  It's hard to express what Peanuts meant to me growing up.  He helped me learn to read, and he helped me look at life with a little bit of humor.  He was my single biggest inspiration for wanting to become a cartoonist.  He will be greatly missed, and never forgotten.  After learning the news, I decided to make my own tribute.   Click here to see it  SCHULZ

2.12.2000 - I have started grouping together some comic storylines onto 1 slow loading but convenient page.  So far I have 5 groupings of comics.  Click Groupings to go to the page.  Misc. comics that really don't fit into a storyline will remain only in the archives, and won't be grouped into a story.



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